Smoking Leads to an Ugly Body

Smoking Leads to an Ugly Body

 Smoking Leads to an Ugly Body

Smoking is considered as one of the most awful things that we can do to our bodies. The health and beauty problems we can get from tobacco smoking are linked to direct smoking, in addition to secondhand smoking and passive smoking. When smoking consistently, it contributes to the risk of acquiring heart ailments, increase in blood cholesterol level and more. Also, passive smoking can harm the health of the people you love aside from the fact that it increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases to your own body.

On the other hand, the scary part of smoking is that it will eventually ruin your beauty, not just your health. It reduces the flow of blood to the skin, and as a result, it leaves your complexion dreary, generates fine lines and wrinkles and a lot more alarming beauty concerns. Here’s a shocking fact – Did you know that smokers in their 30s have as many wrinkles as non-smokers in their 50s? True! Those who smoke daily acquire more wrinkles all over their face because of the nicotine.

Here are several noteworthy effects of smoking to our skin, beauty and health:

* Bad breath

* Wrinkles emerge

* Puffed-up pores

* Teeth discoloration, yellow teeth

* Smoking reduces the body’s store of vitamins

* Feeble hair

* Decrease of the collagen

* Broken capillaries

* Loss of elasticity

* Untimely aging

* Dull skin tone

* Rough skin all over your body

* Smoking thins the skin

* Changes your body shape

* Constant smoking causes dry skin

According to Beauty Advices, the dull tone of the skin is one of the numerous health and beauty problems of regular smokers. You must hit the problem from within if you desire to look clean and fresh. Eat fruits and vegetables especially the ones rich in vitamin C and also foods loaded with zinc. They fuel the development of collagen which is vital for the skin. In addition, eat fish wheat and oat flakes since they are the major source of zinc. Pineapples as well contains the substance called “bromelain“ that removes harmful toxins from the body. Eat lettuce and carrots to fill up the lack of vitamin A and get a load of Vitamin E since it is accountable for the youthful glow of your skin.

Here’s a piece of beauty advice, quit smoking now and sustain your good looks before it’s too late!