Bracing For The Storm

Bracing For The Storm

Well apparently there is a massive storm working its way up the east coast. Currently as I write this, Hurricane Sandy is approximately 200 miles south south east of NJ expect to make landfall tonight. Currently Atlantic City as well as runways at JFK and LGA are under water.Waves are crashing over the break walls at Battery Park. Lower Manhattan as well as areas of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island have been evacuated. The ENTIRE MTA and LIRR systems are shut down. I mean you know it is bad, ALL NYC and LI Starbucks stores are closed today and tomorrow

Here in Syracuse, 200 miles from the ocean, we are expected to have high winds and heavy rain. I feel safer up here than I would if I were still living in NYC with my parents. However we are not out of the woods around here by a long a shot. There will be widespread power outages and flooding. So I find it a bit unnerving when people are dismissing it and not preparing. I read on Facebook people complain that weather reports are never accurate and why should they prepare. The truth is, weather is not predictable. All they can do is guess based upon computer generated models.

So not doing anything to prepare can be pretty risky. We do live in an area that has bad weather, especially winter storms. The truth is we can have power knocked out for days and families, as well as individuals, need to prepare If people take the time to build Disaster Preparedness Kits then this wont happen days before a storm -

Water Aisle in Wal*Mart
Flashlight section on Wal*Mart

The truth is, we have become a society that no longer trusts the government. On Saturday NY Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for NY. I would have to say that the general reaction to this was “Well there goes the media hyping something that will be nothing” or “Yea right he is a crappy Governor so what does he know”. These are the same people who, when the government is reactive, instead of proactive, they complain that the government did not respond quick enough to a disaster. I do not understand, why is it that people are only happy if they are complaining. Yes, Syracuse main only get high winds and heavy rain. BUT those high winds and heavy rain WILL lead to power outages and flooding.

I guess the point I am trying to make is once this storm passes, I encourage everyone to take a Sunday afternoon with the kids and build a Disaster Preparedness

Kit for your home, have an evacuation plan in case of a fire, make sure in your kits you include you pets. Have a plan for family to get in touch with you. Also, if you have elderly neighbors who maybe home bound, include them in your plan. You may be the only ones who can get to them. Be prepared and be safe.

During the next couple of days through this storm. Please stay safe.